Drinking water installations, for example, must comply with the highest hygiene standards. Hot water distribution requires an energy-efficient system including reliable measurement and control technology to ensure a high level of comfort. Residential houses, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, recreational facilities and ships - we supply long-lasting and efficient piping systems for all demands regarding installation systems.

Comfort And Hygiene

Comfort is when clean water flows from the tap, when drinking water cannot stagnate anywhere in the pipeline and when hot water stays hot. By using high-quality products that continuously circulate the water and monitor the temperature level in all areas of the installation, reliable drinking water systems, free of dead legs, are realized, thus preventing potential health risks caused by legionella and pseudomonades.

Installers, planners, operators and owners value the safety, quality and easy installation offered by our durable and low-maintenance products. Consumers appreciate the clean drinking water and constant water pressure and temperature.

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