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We are KSB Valves supplier & dealer dealing in all kind of Industrial Piping System

Delta Flow is one of the renowed authorized Ball valves supplier and KSB ball Valves traders of the stockiest of wide range of KSB ball valves are being extensively used and testify by over 1000 happy clients all over india and abroad.KSB which is a KSB Ball Valves manufacturer have a dedicated team of technical experts and R&D team which dedicates its service to catering different demands and needs of industrial requirements through our KSB Ball Valves dealers in India.

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Product Specification

Technical Details:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: - 1 Nos
  • Brand: KSB make
  • Media: Air, Gas
  • Pressure: High Pressure
  • Usage/Application: Refineries , Power station, Water , steam, gas, oil , etc...
  • Valve Size: 1/2" to 24"
  • ASTM A216 WCB from 0 to 425 deg
  • ASTM A217 WC6 from 0 to 593 deg C
  • NASTM A351 CF* from 0 to 537 deg C
  • Pressure upto 103.4 bar
  • Hard faced seats
  • NGraphite gaskets & graphite packings with braided wiping rings

KSB Ball Valve is a type of hollow, perforated ball which controls the flow through it. It operates at a pressure upto 1000 Bar and Temperature upto 752 degree Fahrenheit varying upon the design and type of material used. KSB Ball valve is generally being made up of metal, plastic material and the floating balls are of plated with chrome which gives durability. Different types of KSB Ball valves like 3 inch ball valve, High pressure ball valve, Electric ball valve, 3way ball valve, Water ball valve, Actuated ball valve etc. are manufactured by high qualified team of KSB.

3 Inch Ball Valve Supplier

One of the finest product in the series of high innovation technology manufacture by KSB is the 3 inch Ball Valve . A 3inch ball valve is primarily used in suction and exhaust pipeline and in chemical industry. The work of 3 inch Ball valve is to control flow through it. It is different from three Way Ball valve because three way ball valve has three openings for inlet and outlet flow of liquid and gas

High Pressure Ball Valve Supplier

A High pressure ball valves is generally applied for feeding the upper roof tank where the pressure needs is very high. The basic feature of High pressure ball valve that it doesn’t get damaged when pressure feed is high. valves of high quality products like electric ball valve, three way ball valve, water ball valve , actuated ball valve & pneumatic ball valve are supplied and marketed by Delta Flow which is the authorised KSB Ball valves supplier.

KSB Electric Ball Valve Supplier

KSB Electric Ball valve are used to control flow of liquid and gas. Its robust construction provides constant performance and durability. KSB Electric ball valves are motor driven electric actuator. They are provided in two way, three way ball valve. KSB Pneumatic Ball valveis different from it in terms of construction and operation mechanism.

Three-Way Ball Valve

Three way ball valve has three ports. They are available in various sizes and with common end connection. Three way ball valves are also known as diverter valves in which the single inlet can be diverted to either of two ports as outlet.It is less costlier as compared to other ball valve price and marketed and supplied by KSB Ball valves traders and KSB ball valve suppliers through a network of brand channel at the client’s doorstep.

KSB Actuated Ball Valve

Solenoid valves and true union KSB Ball valves combined together with either an electric or pneumatic actuator.Some of the KSB Actuated ball valves types available with KSB are pneumatic ball valves actuator and Electric ball valves actuator

KSB Pneumatic Ball Valves

The last series in the KSB ball valve series is the KSB Pneumatic ball valve. It is compact Size and lightweight construction, reliable and long lasting performance. All pneumatic ball valves are operated through an air supply, the air can be delievered through direct mounting pilot valves . We will supply Pneumatic Ball valves on client's demand.

Clients trust on KSB Ball Valves - Our biggest award

AMW manufactures vehicles, auto components and forged components in India. AMW implants KSB ball valves in there auto components and in engine parts. We have served to many clients through our KSB ball valves supplier and KSB ball valves dealer because of our quality products and efficient after deliverability services the trust building relationship binds us together with extra durability. .

Delta flow is the authorized supplier of KSB Ball valves for GF Piping system in its numerous projects in India and abroad. Delta Flow piping system has its own sale and representatives in over 100 countries and KSB provide deliverable quality valves to every corner of the world and not only KSB ball valves we also cater 3 inch ball valve, high pressure ball valve, electric ball valve, three way ball valve etc.to them and they trust on our products since decades.

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