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KSB Valves - Leader in manufacturing Industrial Valves

KSB Gate Valves Pune is a leading KSB Gate Valves supplier and ksb gate valves trader of KSB Gate Valves , 2/4 inch gate valve, water gate valve, electric gate valve, steam gate valves etc across the world. It has over 1000 clients spread all over. Ksb focuses primarily on local thermoplastic valves and with that slowly and steadily expansion strategy it has as of now presence in more than 100 countries.


Know more about KSB Gate Valves Application

Also known as Sluice Valve, KSB Gate valve is one of the type of Valves which is operated and opened on lifting of rectangular gate or wedge out of the path of flow of liquid. KSB Gate Valves are purposely used for preventing or permitting the flow of liquids . Gate valve price is very economical. World class Ksb gate valves are supplied through an organized chain of KSB gate valve dealer pune & ksb gate valve dealer at client doorstep.

ksb gate valve

Delta Flow - KSB Gate Valve dealer in Pune

Delta flow is the authorized and trusted ksb gate valve trader, ksb gate valves supplier in India. A pune based company working for more than 20 years is now a renowned name in the field of industrial piping. Though fabricated and manufactured fully at the manufacturer end it can be tailored made from our end also if required from client side or technical specifications any if required. The gate valve price varies from product, specifications and on client demand

KSB Gate Valve Pune

Product catalogue of KSB Gate Valve and Technical Specifications
Wedge KSB Gate Valve (Type COBRA SGP/SGO/SGF)

Three types of typical ksb gate valve is available in the welded Gate valve with bonnet COBRA-SGP is of Flat body COBRA-SGO is of Oval body and COBRA-SGF is with threaded ends of ISO7/1. It is very easy to inspect and drain ,applicable for drinking water due to epoxy resin coating.


  • Metal seated KSB Gate Valve Type - COBRA SMP Supplier
  • The design of KSB Gate Valve type is assigned to UNI EN 1171. The mechanism and parts include a bolted bonnet inside screw a non rising hand wheel and a two piece self aligning grand follower. Application of this type is in domestic water supply, air conditioning system, cooling circuits etc. The stem nut is madeup of nickel steel which is corrosion resistant.

  • Nominal pressure PN 16
  • Nominal size DN 40 - 300
  • Max. permissible pressure [bar] 16
  • gate valve

  • Gate valve Flanged Weld - Type Ecline GT40
  • Bolted bonnet and a non rotating stem with external screw. It features a yoke head suitable for mounting Electric and Pneumatic actuators.

  • Max Pressure- 40 Bar
  • Max size 600 DN.
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB Ecoline GTC 150-600 Supplier

    KSB Gate valve to API 600-2009. It has a flexible wedge, bolted bonnet , non rotating stem and non rising hand wheel. Mainly used in boiler feed application, Refineries and petrochemical industry.

  • Nominal pressure-class-150-600
  • NPS 2inch-36inch
  • Max Temperature-1500Degree Fahrenheit.
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB Ecoline GTF 150-600 Supplier

    KSB Gate valve to ANSI/ASME with flanged ends, forged steel A 105 with bolted nut outside screw and yoke.

  • Nominal size NPS ½'' - 2''
  • Max. permissible pressure 104 bar / 1480 PSI
  • Min. permissible temperature 0 °C / 32 °F.
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB Ecoline GTF 800-2500 Supplier

    Gate valve to ANSI/ASME with threaded sockets (NPT), butt weld ends (BW) or socket weld ends (SW), Trim 8 (Stellite/13 % chrome steel), with bolted bonnet (Class 800) or welded bonnet (Class 1500 and 2500), outside screw and yoke, single-piece wedge.

  • Nominal size NPS ½" - 2"
  • Max. permissible pressure 431 bar / 6250 PSI
  • Min. permissible temperature 0 °C / 32 °F
  • Max. permissible temperature +538 °C / +1500 °F.
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB Ecoline GTR Supplier

    - Made up of cast iron body, flanged ends with ISO 558-14/5. Its main applications include general industry, clean water, waste water.

  • Max temperature-0-70 Degree Celsius.
  • Nominal size- 40-400 DN
  • Nominal pressure -10-25 Bar
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB HERA-BD Supplier

    It is a water type knife KSB Gate valve made of grey cast iron single or two piece body and bi-directional.

  • Temp- Max120 °C
  • Nominal Size -1,200DN
  • Pressure max-10 Bar
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB HERA-BHT Supplier

    KSB Gate valve with through-going blade, made of carbon and stainless steel, uni-directional design suitable for EN and ANSI connections. Mainly used for mining industry, sludge disposal etc.

  • Temp max-100 degree Celsius
  • Nominal Size Max-600DN
  • Pressure max- 16 Bar
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB SISTO-LAP Supplier

    Pneumatic piston actuator is mounted and design for industrial use of globe and gate valves for linear stem movement.They are very much suitable for building services, industrial plants and power stations.

  • Nominal size- Depends on piston dia.
  • ksb gate valve

    KSB STAAL 100 AKD/AKDS Supplier

    It is corrosion resistant 17 per cent chromium steel or satellite. Mainly used in ship building, process engineering and power plants.

    ksb gate valve

    Some other types of KSB Gate Valve Available

  • The distinct feature of Water gate valve is the surfaces between the gate and seats are planar, so this valve is often used when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum restriction is desired. Water gate valve faces can be parallel, but are most commonly wedge-shaped.

    water gate valve

    KSB Electric Gate Valve Supplier

    This type of Electric gate valve is usually operated by applying voltage which opens/shutdown automatically .The gate valve price varies from product, specifications and on client demand

    electric gate valve

  • Steam Gate Valve Supplier
  • Steam Gate Valve is used for passing of the steam in thermal power plant and for industrial purpose

    steam gate valve

  • FINOLEX INDUSTRIES Ltd. used our KSB Gate Valves
  • It is India leading manufacturer of PVC-U Pipes and fittings. It is the second largest manufacturer of PVC resin.KSB has been providing superior quality of KSB Gate Valves and all other types of valves all in its manufacturing unit across india through our competent team of sales and direct outlets.

    ksb gate valves pune

  • GHARDA CHEMICALS Ltd. Used our KSB Gate Valves
  • Gharda chemicals has been pioneer in research activities with four manufacturing unit and made many technical innovation in the field of dye drugs, pesticides and veterinary drugs. We have been very instrumental in providing high quality assured KSB Gate Valves since decades to its ongoing projects whenever and wherever required. Trust building relationship has always been our prima focus through on time delivery and quality products.

    ksb gate valves

    Bamford Excavators Ltd. used our KSB Gate Valves

    Popularly known as JCB is an English multinational company with headquarter in Rocester, England is known for manufacturing equipments for construction purposes ,waste handling etc. It produces over 300 types of heavy equipment. KSB has been providing all types of KSB Gate Valve to them and has been associated with it for 13 years. They are using our Gate valves in every corner for there units. We have a highly professional team of sales and services which are dedicated to the solutions of customer grievances 24*7.

    gate valve price

    Product Specifications

    Technical Details:

    Minimum Order Quantity - 1 Nos
    BrandKSB make
    MediaAir, Gas
    PressureHigh Pressure
    Usage/ApplicationRefineries , Power station, Water , steam, gas, oil , etc...
    Valve Size1/2" to 24"

    • ASTM A216 WCB from 0 to 425 deg
    • ASTM A217 WC6 from 0 to 593 deg C
    • NASTM A351 CF* from 0 to 537 deg C
    • Pressure upto 103.4 bar
    • Hard faced seats
    • NGraphite gaskets & graphite packings with braided wiping rings

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