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Let's know about KSB Globe Valve - A Brief Insight

KSB manufacture a wide range of KSB Globe valve to its clients across the world.KSB Globe valve one of the Globe valve types used for regulating flow in a pipe. It consists of a disk element and a stationary ring placed inside a spherical body. Globe Valve is named by spherical body as the two part of it is separated by an internal baffle. KSB Globe valves pune is the sales and marketing office in Pune. Delta flow is the authorized KSB Globe Valves supplier and KSB Globe Valve dealer.

ksb glboe valve

Delta Flow - KSB Globe Valve Dealer and Supplier

Delta flow is the authorized and trusted KSB Globe valve dealer and KSB Globe valve supplier in India. A pune based company working for more than 20 years is now a renowned name in the field of industrial piping. Though fabricated and manufactured fully at the manufacturer end it can be tailored made from our end also if required from client side or technical specifications, any if required. We cater different types of KSB valves like Steam Globe valve, Angle Globe valve, Globe control valve, Flanged globe valve,Apollo ball valves etc.

ksb glboe valve

Clients preferred KSB Globe Valve, Here's Why

KSB Globe Valve is easy to maintain

  • Throttling capability form moderate to good.
  • Good shut –down capability.
  • Available in tee, Flanged Globe Valve, Steam Globe Valve and in various globe valve types each exhibiting unique qualities.
  • Since no disk is attached to the stem, KSB Globe valve can be used as a stop check valve.
  • Stroke is relatively shorter in KSB Globe Valve as compared to gate valve.
  • .

    ksb globe valve

    KSB Globe Valves types available

  • TEE Globe Valve Supplier
  • TEE Globe Valve – One of the most common globe valve types of KSB Globe valve. The horizontal structure of seat allows the stem and disc to move perpendicular to horizontal direction. It has the lowest coefficient of flow. Delta flow,the authorized KSB Globe valve dealer and KSB Globe valve supplier provides the best innovative and quality Tee Globe valve to its client. Angle Globe valve is different from Tee globe valve with respect to size and shape.

    tee globe valve

  • ANGLE Globe Valve Supplier
  • The ends of Angle globe valve at right angle to each other allowing the liquid to pass in a single 90 Degree turn. Main application of Angle globe valve is with pulsating flow. Its coefficient of flow is lower than Y globe valve type. High,efficient innovative technology embedded angle globe valve is available with KSB Globe valve Pune .

    angle globe valve

  • Why KSB Globe Valve
  • In this KSB globe valve of why globe valve types the seat and stem are at 45 degree angle to each other. This design is commonly used for throttling. The coefficient of flow of Y KSB globe valve is higher than angle globe valve .Y pattern allows removal of debris and are useful in drainage system lines.

    ksb globe valve

  • KSB STEAM Globe Valve Supplier
  • when we talk about steam, steam globe valve is the best alternative. When temperature and pressure play an important role ,the higher the temperature the worse steam affects the valve, Steam globe valve will last long its cheaper and easy to use. KSB globe valve supplier is Delta flow which being a supplier and dealer of KSB valves like Globe control valve, Flanged globe valve, Apollo ball valves etc all over asia and European countries also.

    steam globe valve

  • KSB FLANGED Globe Valve Supplier
  • KSB Flanged Globe valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, short face-to-face length to EN 558/14, slanted seat, bonnetless. Applications of it includes hot-water systems up to 120 °C. Technical specifications of Flanged Globe valve is T max-120 °C DN max 200 PN max-16.Air conditioning system requires the best quality Flanged globe valve which is supplied and delievered through efficient and professional team of KSB Valves pune.

    flanged globe valve

  • KSB APOLLO Ball Valve Supplier
  • Apollo Ball valves has been using in the piping industry since very long. Its easy to install, solid construction and easy to use in a cheaper price. We can compare Apollo Ball valves to KSB Globe valve ,the latter is much of higher quality than previous one. KSB Globe valves is in the piping industry for more than a decade now.

    apollo ball valve

  • KSB WAFER Type Globe Valve Supplier
  • Wafer Type KSB Globe Valve downstream dismantling; insulating cap with anti-condensation feature as standard, position indicator, locking device, travel stop, soft main and back seat; maintenance-free, full insulation possible. Air-conditioning systems. The construction of Flanged globe valve and steam globe valve is different from Wafer type ksb globe valve is that its wafer type body, bonnetless with flange alignment for centering with the advantage it gets that it can be used in Building services, HVAC, Heating /ventilation/air-condition, navy, technical data-T max 120 °C DN max 200 PN max-16.

    ksb globe valve

  • KSB ELECTRIC Globe Valve
  • Automated KSB globe valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, with electric actuators and 3-point actuation, actuating forces from 2000 N to 14,000 N, stem sealed by maintenance-free PTFE V-packing (up to 250 °C) or graphite gland packing (up to 350 °C).

    ksb globe valve

    Technical Specification of KSB Globe Valve

    The IP Pressure rating of KSB Globe valve is upto 431 Bar. Its maximum Permissible temperature is upto 650 Degree Celsius the minimum temperature is 0 Degree Celsius or it can be low upon request. Pressure temperature rating of KSB Globe Valve is as per ASME B 16.34 Standard class. Ratings of different valves Flanged globe valve, steam globe valve, wafer type KSB Globe Valve ranges as per different parameters like Temperature, size and Pressure or as per clients demand.

    ksb globe valve

    A quick review of our clients and the projects we have delivered

    John Deere is using our KSB Globe Valve

    John Deere is the brand name of Deere and company that manufactures agriculture, construction ,diesel engines, driver trains used heavy equipment. KSB has been suppling KSB globe valves to john Deere since 20 years. We build relationship based on our quality deliverance of product through our effective sales and marketing head office from KSB globe valves Pune and research and development team of intellectuals. Delta flow,a pune based company is the authorized KSB Globe Valves supplier and KSB Globe Valve dealer and has been in piping industry for over 20 years.

    ksb globe valve

    JSPL - High demands for KSB Globe Valve in there ongoing projects

    Jindal Steel is one of the top steel companies in India having dominant presence in steel industries, power generation and mining. KSB got the first requirement of KSB Globe valves for its Chhattisgarh power project in 2010 and since its completion we are catering service to every its major projects. Steam globe valve, Flanged globe valve, Angle globe valve, Electric globe valve etc are some of the globe valve types that jspl demands most of time in there ongoing projects.

    ksb globe valve

    Product Specification

    Product Details:

    Size1/2" to 10"
    BrandKSB make
    Connection TypeFlange, Welding, Thread
    DesignAs per BS 1873
    Usage/Application - Refineries, Power stations, process & general industry

    • ASTM A216 WCB from 0 to 425deg C
    • ASTM A217 WC6/WC9 from 0 to 593 deg
    • As per ASME B16.34
    • Pressure bonnet design
    • Stellite hard-faced seatts & disc surface

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