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Industrial Thermoplastic PP-H pipes

AGRU Industrial Thermoplastic PPH Piping Dealer & Supplier

We are among trusted AGRU thermoplastic PPH piping system supplier for industrial purpose as industrial pph pipes have many features which make it compatible in every condition required during supply of chemical, purified water and other ingredients.PP-H pipes is one of excellent industrial piping system for different manufacturing and other industries.

Industrial Thermoplastic PPH Piping Supplier

Product Specification

Technical Details:

  • Material: FRP
  • Size/ Diameter: any
  • Length of Pipe: any
  • Application: Chemical Handling, Drinking Water, Utilities Water
  • Single Piece Length 18 meter, 3 meter, 36 meter, 6 meter, >36 meter
  • Brand: Delta flow
  • Size/Diameter: 1 inch, >4 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 1/2 inch, 2 inch
  • PPH material can be welded in three ways i.e. Butt, Socket and Infra-Red
  • Pressure rating: PN10 & PN6
  • Standards followed: EN ISO 15494
  • Size: d16 to 500 mm
  • Temperature range: 0 to 80 deg C
  • Application: Highly resistant to impact, abrasion & many chemicals, suitable for industrial application in chemical production, chemical distribution and galvanisation & power station, etc…

Along with supplier of thermoplastic pph piping system we are also best service provider for Industrial thermoplastic piping system. we serve the best plastic pph pipes for chemical distribution and chemical production industries .PP-H plastic pipes have size range from d16 – d500mm (3/3’’ – 20’’).Polypropylene plumbing fittings have commercial used for water treatment plants and power station.

ISO standard industrial thermoplastic PP-H is corrosion resistance pipes which provide high resistance for temperatures and chemicals due to which polypropylene plastic pipes perform well for long period of time. Polypropylene tube and polypropylene pipes are working for temperature range from 0 degree to 80 degree Celsius and 32 degree to 176 degree Fahrenheit.

PP-H pipes is unique plastic pipes having high impact strength and best mechanical strength. Polypropylene pipes plumbing fittings and polypropylene plastic pipes are welded in three ways joining technology those are IR plus fusion(d20 – d225mm), socket fusion(d16- d110mm), butt fusion(d20 – d500mm). Polypropylene pipes used for processing of cooling water in industries.

The most important term regarding polypropylene pipe is that pp-h pipes follow standards. There are some more standard rating which must be followed by polypropylene pipes, polypropylene plumbing fittings and polypropylene tubes and those are FDA CFR 21 117.1520, ASME BPE, USP 25 class vi, NSF 61.

PP-H pipes and polypropylene tubes have great surface finishes and perform four different pressure ratings which are {d16-d225mm, sdr11:pn10 (150psi)}, {d50-d225mm, sdr17.6:pn6 (90psi)}, {d50-d500mm, sdr11:pn10 (150psi)}, {d250-d500mm, sdr17.6:pn6 (90psi)}. Polypropylene plumbing fittings and polypropylene pipes performed excellent for all given pressure ratings.

Brakes India private limited company serving industries since 1962 almost 50 years of experience and now it became the largest break manufacturing company in India. Brakes India ltd uses polypropylene pipes, polypropylene tube and polypropylene plumbing fittings in their industry for manufacturing of the products such as disk brakes, drum brakes and electromagnetic radar.

Durr company offer high quality balancing and diagnostic machines, application and also supplier of paint for automotive industry. durr company used our polypropylene pipes and polypropylene tubes in their industry during manufacturing of machines and paints. polypropylene plastic pipes is best quality pipes, which build trust for our clients.

This company established in 1997 offer ecoat method to various industry such as automobile, appliances, automotive parts, agriculture equipment and many more industries. Ecoat company used polypropylene piping system, polypropylene tube and polypropylene plumbing fittings in their industry and they all fully satisfied by our polypropylene plastic pipes product for their industrial use.

Polypropylene pipes, polypropylene tubes and all other polypropylene piping system have vast range of application and all these polypropylene plumbing fittings technique is being used in large manufacturing companies. Polypropylene pipes is used in river linkage projects, water supply projects, food and beverage projects, textile mills and refineries.

Polypropylene pipes, polypropylene tubes and polypropylene plumbing fittings used by different industries as per their requirements only because of advantage of using polypropylene pipes. As polypropylene piping system is excellent to use cold water and hot water systems, ease of installation and movement, high thermal ageing and better durability and reliability which help to increase scope of use.

Are you confused about how to choose leakage-free, non-corrosive pipelines and tanks for your industry?

We know how difficult it is to choose the right material and type of tanks and pipelines that will last for years without you having to face any trouble. Delta Flow is the number one supplier of leakage-free, non-corrosive, non-rusting thermoplastic piping Design and detailing and thermoplastic tanks as per DVS standards. Our pipes and tanks can withstand heavy stress and temperature. So, contact us for the selection of material, jointing, and testing as per application 3D modeling with design for piping systems.