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We Are Georg Fischer Pvc-c Piping System Leading Dealer

We are leading distributor of Georg Fischer pvc-c piping, pvc-c pipe connectors and cpvc fittings.Here you will gets all types of polyvinyl chloride chlorinated pipes those are 6inch pvc pipe, 4inch pvc pipe and 8 inch pvc pipe. Pvc-c piping has many features and being used in vast range by many industries.Pvc-c pipes have excellent mechanical strength even at elevated temperatures.

Georg Fischer pvc-c piping

Georg Fischer Pvc-c Plastic Piping System

Polyvinyl chloride chlorinated pipes is unique and fabulous piping system used feature and applications in the manufacturing industries.Pvc-c pipes are available for size range from d10-d400mm.6inch pvc pipes, 4inch pvc pipes and 8 inch pvc pipes are used in building technology and microelectronics industry

pvc-c pipe connectors

We Are Pvc-c Piping Best Service Provider

Here you get best pvc-c piping service and not only for pvc-c pipes but also for all other georg fischer products. we are Georg Fischer pvc-c pipng service pune supply industrial pipes in a vast range and for different industrial purpose. Pressure for pvc-c pipes and pvc-c pipe connectors varies with the size from PN16 (d 16 to d 160) to PN10 (d75 to d225).

cpvc fittings

Pvc-c Pipes and Cpvc Pipe & Fittings System

Georg Fischer Pvc-c pipes,Georg Fischer pvc-c connectors and Georg Fischer cpvc fittings system are used for temperature range from 0 degree to 80 degree celsius and 32 degree to 176 degree fahrenheit. So we should not use pvc-c pipes for any applications at very low temperature and also recommend not to use pvc-c pipes and pvc pipe connectors for ester, ketones and for aromatic solvents.

polyvinyl chloride chlorinated pipes

Georg Fischer Pvc-c Pipes Maintain Standard Ratings

Pvc-c pipes are ISO, JIS and ASTM standard piping system. Georg Fischer pvc-c pipes, and pvc pipe connector and cpvc fittings all these piping component always maintain a standard rating which is essential for piping system to make it applicable for industrial use. Pvc-c pipes also follow these standard ratings which are DIN 8079, DIN 8080, ISO 15493 and NSF 61.

6inch pvc pipe

Know More About Georg Fischer Pvc-c Plastic Piping System

Pvc-c pipes and pvc pipe connectors are welded in three different joining technologies for industrial purpose and those are solvent (cement) weld, npt threaded connections and mechanical connections. Georg Fischer Cpvc fittings and polyvinyl chloride chlorinated piping has optimal chemical resistance against many acids, bases and salts solutions and high burning resistance due to which Georg Fischer pvc-c pipes will not sustain combustion when ignition source is removed.

4inch pvc pipe

Emcure- Pharmaceutical Company Use Georg Fischer Pvc-c Pipes

EMCURE is one of the leading pharmaceutical company in India which established in the year 1981 and Emcure company is basically know for developing, manufacturing and dealing a broad range of pharmaceutical products.

EMCURE are among top leading companies in their field used Georg Fischer pvc-c pipes, Georg Fischer pvc pipe connectors and Georg Fischer cpvc fittings in their manufacturing and developing units. They also used 6inch pvc pipe, 4inch pvc pipes and 8 inch pvc pipes in their company as per their need and they understand the value of our products and its benefits.

8 inch pvc pipes

Finolex Company use Georg Fischer Pvc-c Piping System

FINOLEX company have 25 years of experience and leading the industry only due to maintaining their standard and Quality and we are helping them in maintaining their quality and standard by supplying best quality of Georg Fischer pvc-c plastic pipes. FINOLEX is leading manufacturer of electrical and telecommunication cables.

FINOLEX used 6 inch pvc pipe, 4 inch pvc pipe, 6 inch pvc pipe and all other pvc-c piping system in manufacturing of cables. They pvc-c pipes, pvc pipe connectors and Georg Fischer cpvc fittings all this are used in their industry at large scale.

Pvc-c piping

Pvc-c Piping system Used By Gabriel Industry

GABRIEL Company established in 1961 and supplies over 300 ride control products. GABRIEL is manufacturer of automotive systems and component and they believe in using our products rather than others.

They used Georg Fischer pvc-c pipes, Georg Fischer pvc pipe connectors and Georg Fischer cpvc fittings in their industry and also used all pvc-c pipes such as 6 inch pvc pipes, 4 inch pvc pipes and 8 inch pvc pipes in manufacturing of their systems and components.

Pvc-c pipe

Pvc-c Plastic Piping Used For Many Industrial Applications

Georg Fischer Pvc-c pipes, Georg Fischer pvc pipe connectors and Georg Fischer cpvc fittings have many industrial applications.6 inch pvc pipes, 4inch pvc pipes and 8 inch pvc pipes is basically used in shipbuilding, chemical process industry, metal treatment, paper and pulp industry.Polyvinyl chloride chlorinated pipes have many features and large range of industrial applications.

pvc pipes

Polyvinyl Chloride Chlorinated Pipes- Best Piping System

Georg Fischer Pvc-c piping have excellent physical properties and working at high temperature.Georg Fischer Pvc-c pipes, pvc-c connectors and cpvc fittings are proven as physiological harmlessness piping system.6 inch pvc pipes, 4 inch pvc pipes and 8 inch pvc pipes all these pvc-c pipes are among the most demanding in industrial pipes and are using at vast range of industrial applications.

pvc pipe connectors

Product Specification

Technical Details:

BrandGeorg Fischer/Corzon
Sizeupto 18inch
Applicationindustry usage
ConnectionSolvent Cement Joint
Length of one pipe - 5mtr

  • PVC- C Pipe & Fittings (Poly Vinyl Chloride- Post Chlorinated)
  • Pressure rating: PN16 & PN10
  • Standards followed: DIN 8079, ASTM F441
  • Size: d16-225 mm
  • Temperature range: 0 to 80 deg C
  • Application: Hot & aggressive mediums, High temperature, High corrosive environment, chemical industry & hot water industrial application, etc…

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