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Are You Thinking Where to Buy Georg Fischer Industrial Pipe?

We are authorized dealer and supplier of Georg Fischer pipe and fitting and here you get vast range and supreme quality of industrial pipe and fitting.We deals with vast range of Georg Fischer pipe and fitting products that are pvdf, pp-h, pvc-c, pvc-u, polyethylene(pe), polybutylene(pb), acrylnitrile-butadiene-styrene(abs).


Here you will get all types of plastic piping product for different Industrial and Commercial purpose as per requirement in Pune India.Georg Fischer plastic pipes has already been used for different Industries and we had served top Quality products and services.

Georg Fischer plastic pipes

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) Pipe Multiuses

As we are one of the trusted and leading supplier of pvdf piping system. pvdf piping provide safe transport of hot water, purified water, DI water, life Science application, acids, chemicals and other requirement for different industrial distribution system. It provides long service life to materials even under intensively corrosive condition. Pvdf plastic pipe is one of the pure materials which is made up of without any additives.


Best For Industrial Piping System- PVDF Piping

Georg Fischer PVDF pipes are highly non-reactive plastic material made by polymerization of vinylidene difluoride produce pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer. Georg Fischer PVDF pipes can be welded in three different joining technology those are socket fusion(d20- d110mm), BCF plus fusion(d20 – d110mm) ,IR plus fusion(d20 – d315mm). Georg Fischer Pvdf pipes and Georg Fischer pvdf tube fittings contains have many characteristics because of its excellent properties, long life services and non reactive nature with fluids.

Pvdf tube fitting

PVDF Plastic pipes and Fittings

Georg Fischer Pvdf pipe fittings is unique and excellent Georg Fischer plastic pipes which have outstanding physical, chemical properties and best mechanical strength available at elevated temperature range from -20 to +140 degree Celsius and -4 to +284 degree Fahrenheit. Georg Fischer Pvdf material follow standard as Georg Fischer pvdf pipe is ISO standard pipes for size range from d20(1/2’’) to d315(12’’).

Georg Fischer dealer and distributor

Georg Fischer PVDF Pipe - A Premier quality Pipe

The most important fact about Georg Fischer PVDF pipes, pvdf valves and Georg Fischer pvdf tube fittings is that Georg Fischer PVDF pipe is SYGEF® standard piping system as we are stockist of Georg Fischer piping systems. PVDF pipe also passed other standard rating those are ASME BPE , FDA CFR 21 117.1520, FM4910, UL 723, USP 25 Class VI, ASTM E84. Pvdf pipe contain smooth inner surface for uninterrupted supply of ingredients in industries.

pvdf piping system

Know more about Georg Fischer PVDF Piping System

Georg Fischer Pvdf pipe works for pressure range from PN16 (d20-d225), PN10 (d90-d315) for different industrial application. Because of its high quality and BCF plus welding technology it is safe and reliablepiping system. Georg Fischer Pvdf tube fittings and Georg Fischer pvdf pipe are of low weight as it is made of plastic and which make easy for pvdf pipe fittings and services.

Georg Fischer distributor

Don't Believe Us - Ask Our Clients

We have finished more than hundred projects for pipe and fittings and all clients are fully satisfied with our product and services and they always trusted us only for their reqirement. We are Georg Fischer dealer in Pune and Georg Fischer Stockist in Pune and we served what is best in market and premium in quality than other.

pvdf pipe fittings

Bajaj Auto Industry Use PVDF Piping System

BAJAJ group are among the top seller and manufacturer of two wheeler and three wheeler vehicles. Bajaj automobile industry used Georg Fischer pvdf pipes and Georg Fischer pvdf valves in manufacturing of bikes, scooters and auto-rickshaw and they are developing the best product in their industry by using Georg Fischer pvdf piping system.

We have served to many clients our pvdf piping system for their industrial requirement and because of our product and services in which we are dealing they became our clients and till now they are dealing with us that it why we are Georg Fischer Stockist who believes in quality. We have clients forGeorg Fischer pvdf pipes from different industries and manufacturing units.

pvdf pipe

Georg Fischer PVDF Pipes Used in AWM Motors Ltd.

AWM Motors Ltd. is one of the best leading HCV manufacturer company in India. AWM Company produces vehicles for transport solutions used Georg Fischer pvdf pipes and Georg Fischer pvdf valves in their industry for manufacturing vehicles for different application in mining, road and highways construction.

pvdf piping

PVDF Pipes- All Industries Requirement For Pipes and Fittings

Georg Fischer Pvdf piping system is using in many industries for flow of liquid, acid or gas. Georg Fischer Pvdf valves and Georg Fischer pvdf pipes both used as joining technology in all industries. It is best suitable for transport of pharmaceutical grade purified water, hot water and DI water chemical processing Industry, life science application for sanitization with hot water, steam or ozone.

plastic piping product

PVDF Pipes Served to Bayer Industry

Bayer Research Centre used pvdf tube fittings in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Georg Fischer Pvdf pipes and Georg Fischer pvdf valves for developing brand product to prevent and treat diseases for improving consumer health, animal health. Georg Fischer Pvdf pipesused in production of high quality food and crop science technique requires pvdf piping system for renewable of raw material.

Pvdf material

PVDF Pipes- Present and Future For Piping System

There are many applications of pvdf pipes as it is used in pharmaceutical Industry, microelectronics Industry, paper and pulp industry. It is also used in waste water treatment plant, Oil and gas industries, power generation plants, fossils and nuclear power plants etc. Georg Fischer pvdf pipes can be used in many industries for different applications because Georg Fischer pvdf material is best for all industrial purpose.

pipe and fittings

Product Specification

Technical Details:

Size/ Diameterall
Length of Pipeall

  • PVDF material can be welded in three ways BCF (d20-110 mm), IR(d20-225 mm) and Butt fusion
  • Pressure rating: PN16 & PN10
  • Size: d20-225 mm
  • Temperature range: -20 to +140 C
  • Application: Pharmaceutical grade purified water, DI water, using hot water, steam chemical & ozone sanitisation, chemical distribution system, Semiconductor/ electronic industry, etc…

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