KSB Swing Check Valve

Let's talk about KSB Swing Check Valve

KSB Swing check valve is a type of valve when we want to let fluid, gas flow only in one direction and not allow any backflow. Different types of valves wafer check valve, double check valve, one way check valve, spring check valve, pvc swing check valve, hydraulic check valve, 2/4 inch check valve is available with Delta flow,a pune based company which is KSB Swing check valves dealer and KSB swing check valves supplier .

KSB Swing Check Valve Supplier & Manufacturer

Product Specification

Technical Details:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 nos
  • Size: 1/2" to 24"
  • Brand: KSB
  • Pressure: High Pressure
  • Certification: IBR certification
  • Usage/Application: Refineries, Power stations, process & general industry
  • ASTM A216 WCB from 0 to 425 deg C
  • ASTM A217 WC6 from 0 to 593 deg C
  • ASTM 351 CF8 from 0 to 537 deg C
  • Pressure up to 103.4 bar
  • Temperature upto 593 deg C
  • As per BS 1868

We supply a wide range of KSB wafer check valve, double check valve, one way check valve, spring check valve, pvc swing check valve, hydraulic check valve, 2,4 inch check valve etc.to over 1000 clients through our dedicated team of skilled professionals and sales team. We are KSB swing check valve pune based company operating for more than 20 years and provide world class service in the field of industrial piping system.

KSB Swing check valve is a type of non return valve which means that the flow of liquid or gas is non returnable from backflow . It’s a one check valve . The main application of KSB Swing check valve is used for sizes 2” inches pipe and above. Wafer check valve is a flangeless swing check valve and is covered under the regulatory code API 594. The body of wafer check valve is normally of any cast material. It can be used in from 2”inch-48 inch normal pipe. Manufacturers have also developed standard beyond these as well.

KSB Wafer Check Valve Supplier

Dual-plate KSB Wafer check valve with single-piece, wafer-type body made of lamellar graphite cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel, stainless steel or copper aluminum alloy, metal. Application of wafer check valve is in Building-service, Heating, Air-conditioning etc. The best quality product wafer check valve is supplied and delivered by KSB Swing check valve pune in India and abroad and also other valves like Spring check valve, pvc check valve etc also.

KSB Double Check Valve Supplier

KSB Double check valve is a backflow preventive device designed to protect water supply from contamination. It is also used in air brake systems on heavy vehicles. The Double check valve is suitable for preventing of back pressure but is not suitable in high hazard applications. It is mainly used on lawn irrigation, fire sprinkler and combi-boiler systems. Double check valve and one way check valve is different because One way check valve allows flow in one direction.

KSB One Way Check Valve Supplier

KSB One way check valve is a valve that normally allows liquid or gas to flow through it in only one direction. One way Check valves are also called two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one inlet for fluid to enter and the other outlet for fluid to leave. various types of check valves like One way check valve, Double check valve used in a wide variety of applications. One way Check valves are often part of common household items.

KSB Spring Check Valve Supplier

KSB Spring check valve is a type of valve in which the movable part to block the flow is ball in some check valves its spring loaded that’s why the term spring check valve is used. Spring check valve is generally installed in line with the process piping .KSB manufactures world class spring check valve and Delta flow is not only KSB swing check valve dealer and KSB swing check valve supplie but also supplies different types of pipe fittings too.

KSB PVC Swing Check Valve Supplier

KSB PVC swing check valve is a special type of valve made upof Polyvinyl chloride material. PVC swing check valve is common, strong and light weight in construction. It is corrosion resistant and less costly. KSB manufacturesPVC swing check valve and Delta flow is the authorized KSB dealer in pune of all types of world class valves and fittings anywhere in the world.

KSB Hydraulic Check Valve Supplier

KSB Hydraulic check valve is generally used in hydraulic system. It is used for flow of fluid within hydraulic system either operated by mechanical or electrically. Hydraulic check valves are uni- directional. KSB Valves pune delivers finest world class product of Hydraulic check valve across the world and clients are well satisfied with our quick on site deliverablity commitment.

AMW is a leading automobile industry. It manufactures vehicles, auto components in India. AMW implants KSB Swing check valves in there auto components and in engine parts. We are one of the renowned Service Providers, authorized Suppliers and Stockiest of a comprehensive range of KSB Valves wafer check valve, double check valve, one way check valve, spring check valve, pvc swing check valve, hydraulic check valve, 2/4 inch check valve etc.

It is the world largest seamless tube manufacturer in India producing tubes in the range of 6 to 273mm outside dia. They used KSB swing check Valves in there manufacturing and assembly units and has been regularly taking services in placement of order and engineering services in most of there ongoing projects.

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